Paste to Upload

Before some of the latest HTML5 features came out, in order to upload an image from another web page, you must save the image to your local file system and then either drop it into an uploader instance or select it from the “choose files” dialog. Certainly copying and pasting is a much more efficient way to do this. Note that you can also use this feature to upload any image currently present in your clipboard. For example, suppose you take a screenshot and add it directly to your clipboard. You can then paste it into your Fine Uploader instance.

Handling pasted images in Core mode

In order to enable this feature, you must provide a paste.targetElement option value. This is the element that should receive pasted images. This target element must have focus before the paste event can be handled. This is normally accomplished by clicking on the element before pasting the image from the clipboard, or by programmatically giving it focus.

Once the image has been pasted, the onPasteReceived callback will be invoked with the associated Blob as a parameter. This is a promissory callback, and a qq.Promise MUST be returned if you provide your own implementation of this callback. Via the promise object, you can return a string that determines the name of the associated image. This will be passed along with the upload request. Fine Uploader will also append an extension to the name, based on the image type. This callback can be used if you need to make an ajax call to determine the name of the pasted image, or if you need to display a (blocking or non-blocking) modal dialog to ask the user for this information. If you do not contribute a custom implementation for this callback, the paste.defaultName configuration property, along with an appropriate extension, will be used to name the pasted image.

Handling pasted images in UI mode

Everything in the above previous section also applies to UI mode, but a small nicety in the form of an overridable name prompt is available. In other words, if you want a basic prompt dialog to ask the user for a name after an image has been pasted, you can do so simply by setting the paste.promptForName configuration option. If you want to ask the user to name a pasted image, you don’t have to worry about the onPasteReceived callback at all. You can also use a more appropriate prompt dialog by overriding the paste.showPrompt option function. A simple example of this, using a bootbox modal prompt, is described at the end of the promises documentation.


The filename will be sent with the request as the qqfilename parameter. Be sure to read this parameter when naming your file server-side.